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French manicure: an immaculate apartment on the banks of the Seine

Forgoing a particular style or era as influence, a fashion designer has created a cosy and colourful home in ParisWhen Célia Bernard and her husband Jean-Marie Castille found this two-bedroom Parisian apartment directly on the Right Bank of the Seine, they were sure about one thing: they didn’t want to paint it white. Instead, they opted for a khaki in the entry hall and dark chocolate brown doors. They also painted the living room in a deep yellow that she refers to as “curry”.Colour is very much at the heart of the ebullient Bernard’s latest professional venture. After 22 years working as a broker in finance, she set up a fashion brand, Love and Let Dye, with her friend, Marine Vignes, who is best known in France as a TV weather presenter. The idea came to them during a trip to Bali in 2020, where they decided to have some clothes made for themselves. “We hired a scooter and went down little alleyways hunting for a tailor and for women who worked with the tie-and-dye technique,” recalls Bernard. “For me, it’s like Proust’s madeleine. Tie-and-dye takes me back to my youth when I sold jeans on Venice Beach in Los Angeles.” Continue reading…

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